Manish Jha

35 Broad St (1241); Atlanta, GA 30303 ·

Hi, I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Georgia State University. My areas of expertise include corporate finance, financial technology, and machine learning. I share my research work on Google Scholar, ProMarket, and SSRN.

I received a PhD in Finance from Washington University and a Bachelor's in Technology from IIT Kanpur. Between the two degrees, I worked in sovereign bond research and options trading. Feel free to email me about anything at You can check out my Curriculum Vitae, or reach around the web on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


My research focuses on two broad questions. First, why do shareholder's preferences vary, and how do agents persuade the shareholders? And second, how do public perceptions about the financial sector and regulations affect economic outcomes? While my research agenda contributes to two distinct fields, a unifying theme of my research is the use of big data and machine learning techniques to overcome the empirical challenges that would typically prevent measuring these sentiments objectively.

Forthcoming/ Published Papers

1. Natural disaster effects on popular sentiment toward finance

We use a text-based measure of popular sentiment toward finance to study how finance sentiment responds to rare historical disasters and to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. ... Read more

Working Papers

1. Catching the Conscience of Kings: How Activists Pander Mutual Funds

Do hedge fund activists tailor their campaigns to pander to mutual fund families? And if so, does the strategy work? ... Read more

2. Does finance benefit society? A language embedding approach

We measure popular sentiment toward finance using a computational linguistics approach applied to millions of books published over hundreds of years. ... Read more

3. Bonds Lie in the Portfolio of the Beholder: Do Bonds Affect Equity Monitoring?

We analyze whether the increasingly large bond holdings of institutional investors are associated with how actively institutions vote and monitor their equity investments. ... Read more


I am teaching Financial Analysis and Introduction to Loan Structuring (FI 4020) in Fall 2021. Do reach out if you need to know more about the course.

Georgia State University

FI 4020: Financial Analysis and Introduction to Loan Structuring (2021-2023)

Washington University in St Louis

Teaching Assistant
Empirical Methods in Finance (PhD Level, 2019)
Advanced Corporate Finance: Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation (2017–2021)
Asset Pricing: Investment Theory, Options & Futures (2017)

Volunteer Tutor

Each One Teach One, St. Louis Elementary School (2018)
HSBC Financial Skills Exchange Program, Bangalore (2016)


Python codes for Latent Dirichlet Analysis (LDA), Hierarchical Dirichlet Process (HDP), and Word2Vec.
Working with SEC and WRDS
Interact with SEC Filings: work with filings from SEC's EDGAR system.
Interact with WRDS: download data from WRDS including CRSP, Compustat, ExecuComp, Linking Tables.
Other Codes
Maximize distance between students: code to seat students in a classroom to reduce covid spread.
Latex: code to change colors automatically in latex documents.
Stata: worked out example for mahapick, mahaselectunique.


I love to be active, go out, and paint. These days, I am learning to drive and aspiring to be a good chef. I follow comics-based shows and explore advancements in natural language processing. I am thankful to Super30, Kendriya Vidyalaya, MPS Foundation, and Human Resource India, for all the help. In my free time, I hike around Atlanta and go fishing.


Text Data in Finance - slides from a three hour PhD class.
Finance JM Advice - presentation for PhD students, explaining 2020 finance job market experience.
Business PhD Admissions - explains the admission process for prospective students.
Procurement Basics - basics of refinery equipment procurement.

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